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◆that the company r〓ecently experienced ○difficulties in◆ the U.S. ma●rket, which 〓has prompted

n 2017, 5 〓pe

it to ■"work harder in● other markets."News● reports said in● January that 〓Huawei's plan●ned deal with U●.S. telecom carrier 〓AT&T to sell its〓 smartphones ■in the United State●s suffered a setba■ck. China's ●commerce ministry● voiced oppositi◆on to trade prot

, Meng said?/span>
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e○ctionism over the i〓ncident.Headqua●rtered in the sou◆th China ci〓ty of Shenzhen, pri◆vately-o

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wned Huawe○i is a world-leadin○g telecom solu〓tion provider and ■also the world'●s third-lar○gest smartpho

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ne br○and, behin○d Apple and Samsung.〓Please scan the QR 〓Code to follow ●us on InstagramPle○ase scan the 〓QR Code to foll?/p>

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鰋w us on Wechat○Huawei eyes bigger ◆slice of hig■h-end pieHuaw○ei eyes bigger slice■ of high-e○nd pieHuawei● eyes bigg

e■r slice of high-e〓nd pie03-29-2018 0○9:07 BJTSmar●tphone vendor◆ Huawei Techno●logies Co Ltd unv◆eiled its latest s〓martphones in Pa◆ris on Tuesday, in● a new push t◆o grab market share■ from Appl〓e Inc and Samsu◆ng Electronics Co ◆in Europe.〓"Wester

- Duncan Shaw

n Europe is 〓of great strat■egic significance ○to Huawei, espec○ially as the company● encounters〓 bottlenecks in th■e US. It is adju○sting its st■rategies toward● the high-end sm◆artphone s

? Ann Johnson

egment in ■Europe to gai〓n a greater mar◆ket share," said Ji〓a Mo, senior■ analyst at m◆arket research f〓irm Canalys.Huawei'〓s P20 premium versi■on, the P20 P●ro, comes with● a triple

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Leica c◆amera which is■ regarded as ●the best camera amo◆ng existing● handsets, an up●grade in clear resp○onse to the recent〓 unveiling of the Sa〓msung Galaxy S◆9 in Barcelona."W◆e will not ●stop in our effo■rts to explore the i●ntegration ■of technology into s◆martphone photogr○aphy," said Yu Che■ngdong, CEO of H■uawei's consu●mer business group.○The P20 Pr●o is embedde●d with better sensor■s and AI te●chnologies so tha■t customers can ●take photos even w■hen it is dark ◆and can capture ■what the comp○any claims a●re "incredi●ble" de

tails a〓t a distanc◆e."These b○reakthroughs re◆veal Huawei's strong○ ambition to take ■on its rivals in◆ the European mar■ket, where they ●have gained some 〓momentum," s○aid Jia.Huawei'◆s smartphone shipme〓nts in Europe grew ●more than 50 percent■ in the first half o◆f 2017 and it now◆ ships more◆ phones th〓an Samsung or○ Apple in Italy and ●Spain锛峵wo maj■or smartphone〓 markets."H■owever, it 〓still has some gap◆s with Apple ◆and Samsung in◆ Western Euro●pe in the hig◆h-end sector," no●ted Jia, adding〓 that whether● consumers wi●ll s

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witch to Huaw〓ei still

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needs to○ be explored as ○the

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newly launche●d smartphon

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es are ◆priced hig〓h.The c

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omp○any also l■aunched Porsche● Design Huawei Ma◆te RS, a luxury ve〓rsion that◆ shares all the fea○tures of the

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◆P20 Pro but has a○n in-display f●ingerprint s◆ensor in addi●tion to a s■econd fingerp〓rint sensor ●on the re

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ar.Hu■awei's P20〓 Pro will be sold a●t up to 899 euro●s ($1,113) in Eur●ope compared with th■e iPhone X, which i

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s■ priced at 〓around 1,359〓 euros in som■e European c■ountries.The mov●e came on the same d●ay that Xiaomi 〓la

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unched its● new MIX 2S se■ries, revealin〓g an ultra-competit■ive market among C●hinese sma●rtphone ven〓dors."We

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notice t■hat Huawei often ho■lds its launch cere■monies for○ high-end phones● abroad, which expan●ds its overse

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as reco●gnition and impr■oves its brand ○image in China●," Jia added.Plea■se scan the 〓QR Code to ●follow us on Ins◆tagramPlease sc○an the QR Code to f■ollow us on W◆echatHuawei ○launches P20 an■d P20 Pro sm◆artphonesH◆uawei launc○hes P20 and ●P20 Pro smartph◆onesHuawei 〓launches P20 ◆and P20 Pro sma■rtphones03-28-201■8 14:29 BJTHu〓awei's latest〓 sma

kApp design

rtphone, boa◆sting a thre◆e lens, AI-powered 〓camera has be●en officially la■unched in France.The■ new P20 Pro device ◆follows in th○e footsteps of co○mpetitors Appl●e and Samsung〓's latest rel●eases by f◆ocusing on th■e camera's cap○abilities.A●t a smart launch e○vent in Pari●s, Richard Yu, CE●O of Huawei's Consu●mer Business ○G

GBrand Creation

roup takes ◆the stage to pre〓sent their 〓new latest ●smartphones: the〓 P20 and P20 Pro.〓He describes i■t as: "Mas●ter photograp●hy powered by AI●".The Chinese c〓ommunications ■giant is hoping it〓s upgraded came●ra will sway shop■pers into c■hoosing them ove◆r rivals Apple○ an

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d Samsu◆ng.The device's m○ain camera boa〓sts AI (arti●ficial intell●igence) and thre●e lenses.Yu describ○es it as: "A breakt〓hrough in m●obile phot●ography. This ○is the solution.■ The revolutionary ●14 mega pixel〓 Leica tripl●e camera on the H◆uawei P20 Pro."The n〓ew P20 Pro h●as a 6.1-inch OLE○D display with 2,■240x1080 pixel●s.The slim● device is a?/p>

<Print Design

so just 7.8 〓mm thick, but it's ●the three le◆ns Leica cam○era that Huawei's s■houting loudest ab■out.It has ■a 20-megapixel◆ monochrome len■s, an RGB colou■r lens and a te●lephoto lens.With a ■wide aperture of F■1.6, the c●amera functions w■ell in low ligh●t conditions.It h?/p>


餫s a larger senso〓r in comparison to i●ts closest mar■ket competito■rs, the camera can a●lso turn on and star●t shooting in just ○0.3 seconds.○"Also on the P■20 and the P20 P◆ro we are introdu◆cing the in●dustry's best in cl◆ass, best front c■amera, sel●

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8 percent sha〓re of the smart●phone market las●t year.That left〓 the Chinese communi■cations giant〓 in third ●place behi●nd Samsung〓 (20.9 percent) in f●irst place■, and Apple ◆(14 percent●) in second plac〓e.Please scan the Q■R Code to follow u◆s on InstagramP●lease scan the QR ●Code to follow us o●n WechatPorsche De○sign Huawei Mate 10○ launching in U.S.P■orsche Desig■n Huawei Mate 10

l◆aunching in U.S.Pors●che Design Hu■awei Mate 10 l■aunching in U.○S.03-09-201■8 13:08 BJ■TLOS ANGELES,● March 8 (X●inhua) -- Po◆rsche Design Gro◆up and Huawei, the 〓Chinese gi◆ant maker ●of telecomm○unications equipment○, bring Por●sche Design HUA■WEI Mate 1○0 to the U●nited States, ◆delivering● highly dis●cerning customers● an experience w■ith revolut■ionary spee●d, extensive batter●y life, and func〓tion

al desig●n cues."The phone i〓s brand new to the〓 market in ●the United States. I●t delivered ○to all of our Porsc〓he Design s■tores at the end o●f February," Adam M〓cCollum, head of p●ublic relat〓ions of Porsc◆he Design of Ameri〓ca, Inc., tol●d Xinhua in an e〓mail on Thursda■y.The techn●ologically power〓ful new de〓vice, driven■ by artificial intel〓ligence, com

bines 〓Porsche De○sign's aesthetic cra○ft with Huawei●'s mobile engi●neering expertise."●As the phone has be〓en selling for ju●st around a week,● the only cu〓stomer feedback we'v●e received has■ been from the◆ in-store clients◆, who really l■ove the slee●k design of ●the device and the ◆features o〓ffered, which i■s why they say they● purchased the ph●one," McCollu◆m added.With ○built-in A●I and a combinat◆ion

of 6GB RA◆M and 256GB ROM, ◆the phone is the 〓top-end dev■ice in Huawei's cur●rent product range, ◆and features t◆he largest me○mory cortex of the ■whole HUAWEI● Mate10 series ◆-- ideal for vastl〓y storing ph〓otos, videos, a●nd document●s."With Huawei we ■have a pas〓sionate and 〓world-wide respe○cted partner t〓hat shares our goal〓s and valu◆es, which bu〓ilt the foundation ◆for the cre

atio◆n of the new Po○rsche Design HUAWEI〓 Mate 10. ●We are delight●ed to continue the◆ successful part○nership with Huawei〓 and bring an〓 outstanding〓 smart phone● to the market◆ that meets th●e expectations o■f our demandin●g and tech-s〓avvy customer●s," said Jan ●Becker, CEO of Porsc○he Design Gr〓oup in a statement ●before the● official launchin◆g of the P○orsche Design Huaw◆ei Mate 10 in the Un■ited States

.〓"Our partnership wit●h Porsche D〓esign reflec○ts both bran○ds' philosophy th●at superior des■ign is just as〓 important as p●erformance, and○ with the Por〓sche Design HUA●WEI Mate 10, ●we are prou●d to have ach●ieved both,"● said Richard Yu, CE◆O of HUAWE〓I Consumer Busi●ness Group.Please s◆can the QR Code to ◆follow us on Instagr○amPlease sca■n the QR Code

to f○ollow us on○ WechatHuawei un●veils world's fir◆st 5G commer○cial chipHuaw◆ei unveils w◆orld's firs■t 5G commercia○l chipHuawei un●veils world's fi●rst 5G commerc○ial chip02-27-◆2018 15:36■ BJTChinese mo◆bile giant Huawei ha◆s unveiled◆ its first◆ 5G chip, wh◆ich the com■pany claims i●s the world's first● commercial ●chipset tha■t meets the◆ latest 5G standar■ds, reports ◆People's D■aily.Announced ah〓e

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ad of the Mo◆bile World Cong●ress (MWC) ◆in Barcelo●na, Huawei ○says its Balo○ng 5G01 is t●he world's first ○commercial c〓hipset tha■t adheres to 〓the new 3GPP standa〓rd for 5G netw●orks. It can accom◆modate download s■peeds of 2.〓3 GBPS (gigabit per● second).The co◆mpany has also unvei●led a 5G CPE (C●onsumer Prem●ise Equipment) ba■sed on its chips◆et. The d

evice● is designe●d for commercial● use, and also confo●rms to the ne○w specification●s for 5G ag■reed to by telecom◆s industry giants 〓last year."The com●pany is working with■ over 30 of● the world's〓 top operators■ to further cooperat○ion in 5G ar●ea, as our p●artners includ■ing Vodafone, Br◆itish Telecom,● SoftBank and T○-Mobile," sa●id Richard Yu, CEO ●of

Huawei's ○Consumer Bus○iness Group.Hu■awei is repo●rtedly plann○ing to launch a 5●G phone wi■th the new chipset i〓n the second half o●f the year.Ple●ase scan th◆e QR Code t◆o follow us on○ InstagramPle◆ase scan t■he QR Code to foll◆ow us on WechatHu●awei, NTT ■Docomo achieve br■eakthrough in ■5G field trialH●uawei, NTT Docomo a●chieve breakthrough○ in 5G fie

ld■ trialHuawei,● NTT Docomo achi〓eve breakthrou◆gh in 5G field tri○al12-20-2017 14:◆27 BJTHuawei, a Ch●inese telecommunic◆ations giant, ■and NTT Docomo In○c, Japan's■ largest tel●ecommunica○tions comp●any, have successful●ly completed a ○joint field tr〓ial for 5G mobile 〓communications ov○er a long distance ●with 39 GHz M●illimeter Wav◆e (mmWave) ban●d in Yo

koham●a, one of the l◆argest commer〓cial areas in Jap■an.In the tr○ial, the dow■nlink data tra○nsmissions were reco■rded at a ●maximum spee〓d of over 2 ●Gbps on a testi◆ng vehicle○ equipped with a● user equipment (UE◆), equivalent〓 to a mobile ph●one, while drivi◆ng at over 20 k◆ilometers per ○hour.This successful■ trial ope●ns up a new ●door for a〓pplicatio

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ns and d●eployments of◆ 5G mmWave.Lon〓g-distance mobility○ transmission over 5●GmmWave is o■ne of the enabling■ technologi●es to realize 5G en■hanced Mobil○e Broadband (eMBB) ●and ubiquitous conne◆ctivity of massive ◆data rate while ful■ly leveraging t◆he current ○macro-cellular site■s investme◆nt by operators.Ta●kehiro Nakamura●, the vice-presid〓ent and managing dir〓ector of 5G Labo●ratory at NTT DOCO●

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